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Rapid Response To Fluctuating Demands

To best service the specific needs of all of our customers, Senkentek offers global supply chain, integrated supply chain, and rapid supply chain solutions.

Global Supply Chain

Senkentek’s supply management teamsoperate globally to develop supplier partnerships, commodity strategies, plus leverage global demands, pricing and terms with its suppliers.

We maintain strong relationships with the industry's top distributors and manufacturers around the globe.

Integrated Supply Chain

Senkentek operates with advanced integrated supply chain management systems.

Agile™ is the front end system, used for fast and accurate management of the customer products throughout the entire product life cycle. From new product introduction, manufacturing, engineering changes implementation to end of life of the product.

Order entry, inventories, financial management and the efficiency of manufacturing processes are managed through solid ERP systems.

Kinaxis Rapid Response™ provides Senkentek the tool to respond rapidly to fluctuating demands in the supply chain, facilitating faster collaboration between customers, Viasystems and suppliers in the supply chain.

Senkentek’s integrated supply chain management software tools allow:

  • Rapid asssessment of unexpected customer demands
  • Real-time analysis of demand and supply
  • Reduced cycle time of information sharing with customers and suppliers
  • Increased customer service levels with faster response times, greater flexibility and reduced execution times
  • Rapid constraint analysis (clear to build, constraint items)
  • Multiple Simulation capability and scenarios available real time
  • Immediate analysis and assesment of engineering changes on the supply chain
  • Easier consolidation of data for analysis (excess and obsolete, lead time analysis, BOM analysis)

Integrated Supply Chain Management System

Rapid Supply Chain

Senkentek provides agility and flexibility on the supply chain of its customers products throughout the life cycle, bringing customer products faster to market during introduction, ramping product into mass production, and managing the end of life.

We understand that with competitive market conditions, faster implementation translates into increased revenues, profits and market share for our customers.

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