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Senkentek Touch Panel

Senkentek Touch Solutions is a newly established business within Senkentek providing state of the art touch sensors to support the expanding global requirements for this technology in electronic equipment.Touch sensors and touch interfaces are fast becoming the preferred control and input methodology for nearly every commercial and industrial electronic application today.

Senkentek Touch Solutions designs and manufactures high performance touch sensors and capacitive switches. With manufacturing facilities in China, Senkentek is well positioned to support this growing market. Our highly automated roll to roll manufacturing process ensures an efficient process that produces high quality components at competitive prices.

Production Capabilities
Senkentek Touch Solutions focuses on two key touch technologies:

Projected Capacitive Touch Sensors
• Enables multi-touch and gestures for the touch experience.
• Can be made from glass and PET films
• Touch sensors sizes range from 1 sq. in. to over 10 inch diagonal.

Acoustic Touch Sensors
• Provides single touch capability for large size applications and offers durability and high clarity for end use applications like kiosk
Senkentek’s advanced technical capabilities include:
• Patterning ITO at very fine resolution enabling complex designs.
• Handle very thin PET films at high volume and high yield.
• Unique circuitization and printing capability to provide very narrow touch sensor borders.
• Advanced lens lamination capability.

Products and Served Markets
Senkentek Touch Solutions provide projective capacitive touch sensors for small to moderately sized applications while acoustic touch sensors for large size applications. Touch sensor modules are offered together with assembled touch sensor, controller circuitry, lens and display. The touch sensor market is very diverse in almost every commercial and industrial application and our Senkentek Touch Solutions business focuses in the following key markets.

• Mobile
• Consumer – mp3, games
• Computing – Tablet, netbook, all-in one computing
• e-Books
• Industrial Commercial – Office and industrial equipment and controls.
• Kiosk


Additional Values for Your Business...

1. Vertical Integration: Senkentek Touch Solutions is one of the few supplier to offer complete vertical integration from materials to complete component and module assembly.

2. Unique one stop solution: We provide complete touch sensor customer support including product design, touch sensor
module integration for customized applications and standardized module solutions for specific targeted end use markets.

3. High Quality at Competitive Cost: Most of the touch manufacturing processes are automated using state of the art roll to roll manufacturing equipment for our film based sensors and automated lamination for both glass and film ensuring world class quality at competitive prices.

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