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Flexible Circuits

Senkentek is an industry leader in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuits with worldwide presence that
processes almost 20 million square feet of single and double-sided circuits annually. We benefit
from vertical integration with Novaclad material to rapidly tailor laminate and cover film material to
meet the specific requirements of our customers. Senkentek Flexible Circuits is now one of the leading
producer of flexible interconnects, offering customers with a total solution starting from
concept, component assembly through high volume production.

Production Capabilities
• Standard Flex and Novaflex™ HDI
• Reel-to-reel fabrication processing of single and double sided standard flex circuitry
• Wide technology range from screen printing to high density photo imaged flex circuitry
• Vertical Integration strength on Flexible laminates and tapes, circuit fabrication, and component
• Rigid flex up to 28 layers high routing density


Products and Served Markets
Currently Senkentek’s offerings include Single sided, double sided, Multi-layer, Airgap, and Rigid flex
capabilities. We utilize both screen print and photolithography for imaging circuits based upon our
customers needs. Our services include prototyping through mass production and we are able to
meet all your assembly needs.
Automotive, Consumer and Mobile are the largest markets that Senkentek serves today. Senkentek's
business has long roots in these markets as well as Printers and Military business. Today Senkentek is
successfully diversifying into the Industrial and Medical markets. We believe the key to success is
centers of excellence within our facilities to meet the individual markets needs.

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