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Flexible Circuits: Rigid-Flex Technologies

Rigid-Flex Technology integrates Flexible Circuit into Rigid Board Technology. Especially in combination with the well-established Micro Via Sequential Build Up Technology, the form factor can be reduced while offering high routing density.

This optimizes the number of flexible layers, which reduces flex material content compared to Standard Multilayer Flex Technology, while at the same time design rules and final circuit board properties, especially reliability, are comparable to Micro Via Technology.

As a major player within the Micro Via and Flexible Circuit Segments Senkentek has all needed technical know how to be a competent advisor and supplier for Rigid Flex Technology.

Senkentek’s new modern and state of the art Single & Double side Flex, Multi-Layer Flex and Rigid-Flex Facility in China is utilizing reel-to-reel manufacturing equipment for ultra-thin high-density flexible material processing at high yields.

Production Capabilities:

  • Single-sided, Double-sided & Multi-layer FCCL < 8 Layers
  • Rigid-Flex up to 12 Layers
  • "Air Gap" Type FCCL for Dynamic applications-Hinge, Slide, Flip, Tilt
  • Micro via - Laser Drilling system (CO2 & UV/Yag)
  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • Impedance Control
  • Lead free & Halogen free
  • UL Compliance

Product Applications:

Consumer Digital: Mobile Phones ; Smart Phones; PDAss; Digital & Video Cameras

High-end Computers: High Speed Data Storage; Servers; IT Infrastructures -Voice & Data network management; High Speed Transceivers; High-end Disk Drives; USB & Ethernet applications

Industrial: Analytical Test Equipment; Inertia Measurement Unit; Bar Code Scanners; Semiconductor Test Equipment; Visual Aid Cameras; Office Automation.

Medical Device & Instrumentation: Diagnostic Instruments; Laser Scanners; Blood Analyzer; CT-Scanner; Nerve Stimulators; Cardiac Rhythm Management; Hearing Aids.

Automotive: Under-hood and In-dash ECU’s; Navigation and Entertainment Systems; ABS sensors; Headliner circuits.

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