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Flexible Circuits: Standard Flex

Standard Flex from Senkentek is utilized extensively in a wide variety of electronic assemblies from simple antennas to complex control circuitry. Standard Flex includes single and double layer flexible circuits built on adhesive based polyester (PET), PEN or polyimide (PI) film substrates with copper thicknesses ranging from 18um to 140um. These circuits can be provided in single pieces, multiple up arrays, or in rolls with a wide variety of surface finishes.

Key Capabilities:

  • Single or double-sided circuitry/multilayer flexible circuit
  • Adhesive-based construction
  • PET, PEN or PI film substrates
  • Low-cost, roll-to-roll manufacture
  • Screen print imaging with minimum conductor pitch at 0.50mm
  • Photo imaging with minimum conductor pitch at 0.25mm
  • Screened ink, photo imageable, or laminated cover film surface dielectrics
  • Surface finishes from anti-tarnish to immersion silver to tin to nickel/gold
  • Circuitry can be supplied in continuous roll format

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